The world is made up of our stories. You’ll get a wildly authentic one every Sunday morning to read while you have your coffee.

And here’s a little inspiration if you are thinking of writing your story:

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” ― Anne Lamott

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Alice Goldbloom

recovering serial entrepreneur/ editor of and frequent contributor to A Considerable Age/ defender of the Oxford comma & proponent of the occasional use of a semicolon/ believer that storytelling connects us to others

Janet Torge

My work follows my passions: prenatal teacher/doula, newspaper columnist, traffic reporter, construction company manager, talk-show host, documentary film producer. Radical Resthomes will be my last career move, when it finally gets off the ground.

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson was once a copy boy and then a reporter before reporters were "journalists." He worked for energy companies, had a PR firm, and was a provincial deputy minister. Then back into newspapers. "You didn't go far," his brother said.

Pat Butler

Life's curveballs triggered Pat's writing, as revealed on After publishing two books about divorce recovery and an historical novel, she posts essays capturing some of life's turning points.

Carol Sutherland-Brown

Carol is a writer of memoir and short fiction, a collector of eclectic people and experiences. She draws inspiration from her family, her unconventional childhood travelling the world as a "military brat" and her love of travel.

Stephanie Moll

I love exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new activities (including writing). I started blogging when I moved to Canada ( but I am in the process of migrating my blog to Substack. Thanks for stopping by!

Sharon Charde

I am a teacher, poet and memoirist with many books to my credit. See for more on me.

Don Akchin

Don Akchin writes novels, short stories, and essays from his home in Baltimore, MD. He is the publisher of The EndGame.

Sylvie Lamoureux

Following a life-altering experience, left the fast-paced business and legal world to focus on mediation, human relations and resiliency coaching. Now, a humble writer-in-training. Always, a passionate believer in celebrating life with loved ones.

Barbara Goldbloom-Hughes

I’m a retired educator and passionate cook who lives by the ocean near Lunenburg, on Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore. I’ve written stories in my head all my life, but have never had the courage to actually put pen to paper and share them.

Virginia Fisher Yaffe

Virginia Fisher Yaffe is intensely grateful to have reached a considerable age. She tries hard to keep looking forward imagining a world where humanity prizes similarities rather than differences.

Kristin Shannon

Somehow, sometime, somewhere, I stopped writing. Detour - marriage, kids and a fulfilling interior design career. I’m thinking that all the decades of words I stored are now busting to get out.


Retired software engineer, winner of San Francisco Press Club award. Author of award-winning biography "Radical Spirits: India's First Woman Doctor and Her American Champions." Indian-American, Grandma.

Donna Thompson

Donna is a city girl, preferring asphalt and traffic over woods and waters, albeit in a little city by the ocean. She's a boomer, comfortable on the golf course, in the kitchen, and playing her bass guitar. Her published writing has been episodic.

Jan Peppler, PhD

My research on home, and our connection to people and places that feel like home, is rooted in the study of psychology and the humanities. And then there’s the 23 places I’ve lived in 10 different towns. Plus a (new) old house in Sicily...

Marie Marchand

Marie retired in the Laurentians and spends her time reading, cooking and knitting for her 7 grandkids, but also preparing the next travelling adventure with her husband.

Joe Neuhaus

A software architect with over thirty years of experience in business-to-business systems, machine learning, and technical management.

John Aylen

John Aylen is a book publisher and marketing professor who divides his time between Orford, Quebec, and Montreal.