It’s all about sharing our stories as we go through this stage of life—older but considerably wiser. You’ll get a story every Sunday morning to read while you’re having your coffee.

We have reached A Considerable Age, so we might as well write about it. There is so much to say — and it’s not for sissies. If you have something you wish to write by all means get in touch. Don’t be shy—share your story.

Be part of a community of people of A Considerable Age.


Alice Goldbloom
I'm a recovering serial entrepreneur from Montreal & the editor of and frequent contributor to this newsletter. It's a privilege to write in this space & be read by friends, family and strangers. I hope you will be inspired to share your stories.
Janet Torge
My work follows my passions: prenatal teacher/doula, newspaper columnist, traffic reporter, construction company manager, talk-show host, documentary film producer. Radical Resthomes will be my last career move, when it finally gets off the ground.
Barry Lazar
Barry is a documentary film producer ( and a writer with several books about Montreal. He has been baking sourdough bread since before Covid and is a fledgling at clawhammer banjo.
Ruth Miller
Ruth Miller is the author of three picture books for children. Her articles and stories have appeared in various publications. A former sexual health educator, she is definitely a woman of considerable age and proud to be one.
Beth Kaplan
Beth Kaplan is the author of four books: a biography, two memoirs, and a guide to creative writing. Her recent memoir "Loose Woman: my odyssey from lost to found” was a finalist for the Whistler Independent Book Award.
David Goldbloom
I'm a psychiatrist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and Professor at the University of Toronto - and in the twilight of my career
Jinks Hoffmann
I am a spiritual director, psychotherapist and poetry editor for Spiritual Directors International. Addicted to "waking up" through invitations from life and my dreams, my greatest joy is my huge family of nineteen grands and twelve great-grands.
Barbara Goldbloom-Hughes
I’m a retired educator and passionate cook who lives by the ocean near Lunenburg, on Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore. I’ve written stories in my head all my life, but have never had the courage to actually put pen to paper and share them.
Virginia Fisher Yaffe
Virginia Fisher Yaffe is intensely grateful to have reached a considerable age. She tries hard to keep looking forward imagining a world where humanity prizes similarities rather than differences.
Susie Kaufman
Retired hospice chaplain and archivist, Susie Kaufman, is the author of Twilight Time: Aging in Amazement. Her focus has always been on lifting up people's stories and seeing them in the context of the larger story that embraces all of us.
Pat Butler
Life's curveballs triggered Pat's writing, as revealed on She publishes weekly essays on her blog, alternating between the serious and light-hearted.
Donna Thompson
Donna is a city girl, preferring asphalt and traffic over woods and waters, albeit in a little city by the ocean. She's a boomer, comfortable on the golf course, in the kitchen, and playing her bass guitar. Her published writing has been episodic.
Diana Bishop
Writer and Former National and International TV news correspondent for CBC, CTV, NBC News . Creator of, and host of Women of Global Interest showcasing prominent women of a certain age around the world.
Joe Neuhaus
A software architect with over thirty years of experience in business-to-business systems, machine learning, and technical management.