I was moved by this story but the impulse to enact rituals, the energy that preserves them is, in my opinion, strong and wily. If it falls into disuse at some point, it sometimes arises again in an unexpected place.

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Interesting. thank you for sharing this story of a religious tradition having become part of culture.

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WOW! I am deeply moved by your very well crafted and thoughtfully paced story, which i read with unexpected blossoming insight and delight all the way through to the very last word!

Thank you for sharing this with us and I am eagerly anticipating reading more of your work as you publish it here....

Even the title is perfect...it lead me to open your post, and I was hooked from the very first sentence.

Too many Substackers posts are way too long as they expound endlessly on their topic...which causes me to bail when i see pages of big blocked paragraphs that I am unwilling to waded through to get to the heart of the matter.

But your work is just the right length with no pontificating as you share your story from the heart in its simple and elegant essentials. WELL DONE ...I am waiting and wanting more!

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