Your writing is deliciously real...and palatable. I am so worn out by the daily doom and gloom "words of wisdom" that fill our media and deplete our spirit. I have a year of "catching up" to do since I didn't "discover" you sooner. And so I begin. If I treat myself to 2 stories each week (I am as of this moment a bit ahead of the game because it's hard to savor just one :-) by year 3 I will be all caught up! This is no small task considering how many articles, essays, books, podcasts, etc. vie for my attention every day. AND I am going to give it my best shot! Thanks. Minx

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Thanks for sharing Alice. I have dueling family threads with your journey. At the start of the pandemic, I was also caregiving for my then-99-year-old grandma (maternal), who often wanted to take the car for a joy ride and “browse in the stores.” That was a favorite prepandemic hobby of hers. Telling her that stores weren’t open for browsing and touching things was a hard concept for her to grasp. Or hard to remember from one day to the next.

Meanwhile, my dad was declining in health, but tried to hide the symptoms, as he lived alone. While learning from monitoring Grandma Kay’s challenges (like pillbox management), I learned to spot my dad’s issues, fortunately or unfortunately, at similar times. He passed away in February, following what seemed like a rather lengthy decline, which ended in a 7-month stay in a board and care facility, like your father.

I look forward to reading more of your stories, as I just discovered your Substack.

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